get $1 free trial credit

Get $1 free trial credit

Ecocaller is a cheap international calling service provider. You can use Ecocaller services from Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, iPhone, Nokia/Symbian or a online web phone.

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sms spoofing

MS Spoofing is a technique by which you can send text message to anyone using any number.

You get some free credits, If you are out of your credits, you can complete FREE surveys and get more credits.

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Fring New Rates today launches its Unlimited world calling plan at a very cheap.

Subscription is only available for Android & iOS & iPhone & iPad & iPodTouch.
NOT supported for Nokia devices

Calling rates is $7 per month
No any calling limit

call the whole world is a French VoIP provider. offers free and paid account.

New generationVoice IP provider

Sip, Skype, GTalk 0,00
National 6,95

World 19,95

Voip 0800 23,86

wifi voiper call for android

Android application which will give you free trial credit of almost 14 minutes without any condition. has below applications available in Android world.

$0.15 free trial credit on signup. This needs your email id.

We got $0.15 credit as a free trial. Call quality was good.

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free calls for the first two month

Follow Steps


Order you free Vectone SIM.

Contact your existing SIM Company for your porting authorization code (PAC).

Call vectone mobile customer services on 02071790134 or 111 from your Vectone mobile to provide them PAC to authorize the number porting.

You will get confirmation once your transfer is complete which could take upto 48 hour. After this your two month free will automatically be activated.