Use Ievaphone To Make Free Calls

Ievaphone is a free apps that allows you to make free 4 calls per day directly from your mobile phone or computer to another phone from your any browser. You can access the Ievaphone services without any software download and without registration. All you need to do is to visit their Ievaphone site form any browser, dail the number you want to call and start free calls. You only need a headset or a mic with internet.

How to use Ievaphone
1- You need a smartphone or PC with working internet connection
2- A browser that supports Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher
3- Open Ievaphone website
4- Allow the flash widget to load
5- Choose the country from list and enter the number
6- Call press the call button
7- You will be presented by a short promotional video wait for few second to let it finish
8- Automatically connected to the number

Ievaphone free calls are limited. Currently Ievaphone offers 4 free calls in day.