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Pennytel Free Minutes promotion is back with a free! Last year, somewhere around mid of december, Pennytel came up with 10M free international minutes promotion and it was a huge success. Very large number of people used Pennytel service for making Free Calls !!!

PennyTel post on Free PC to Phone Calls blog received so many hits last year, every reader of this blog was making free calls.

Once again its time of year that you can make unlimited free international calls, as Pennytel is again offering free 10M minutes of free calls. This is a strictly limited offer, from the 1st of December 2010 to the 8th of January 2011, or when all the free minutes have been used (whichever comes first).

Pennytel is offering free minutes to following countries :

Australia, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK

For those who are new to Pennytel, its a Australian Voip provider and money transfer service. Its a highly popular and widely used voip service.

How to get 10M free minutes of calls from Pennytel.

1. Visit this Pennytel Promotional Page
2. Enter your email address (valid) and register with them.
If you are already a pennytel user, then you should already have 10M free minutes in your account.
4. Pennytel will send you three emails. Check for your password in the welcome mail.

5. Make a note of your SIP username (Pennytel Number) & your password.

How to make free calls using Pennytel account.

Firstly Pennytel itself provides a softphone so that you can make free PC to Phone Calls.
1. Login into your pennytel account.
2. Click on softphone at left sidebar.
3. A softphone opens up for making PC to Phone Calls.

Though the Pennytel softphone works, but I don't like its call voice quality. So what do I suggest.

Making Free PC to Phone Calls using Pennytel free minutes :

1. Download Nimbuzz Softphone
2. Install it.
3. Register with Nimbuzz to create a login.
4. Once logged in, you have to add your Pennytel SIP account to it.
5. Go to Tools --> Options. ( A new window opens up).
6. Select Call services.
7. Select SIP Provider (other)
8. Username : your pennytel username (a number mailed to you).
9. Password : Pennytel Password.
10. Proxy/Domain :
11. Save it.
12. You can now make Free Pc to Phone Calls.

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