Calls Free US, Canada Phone Calls via Google+ Hangout

Google’s social channel the Google+ opens absolutely free unlimited calls to Canada & US phone numbers using it hangouts features, another blow for Skype the VOIP

Google is the internet search king & the owner of it's own social network on the net, the Google Plus like Facebook

Foraying its presence in most best product of today, entering in the FREE VOICE network।

Google has many things like free Gmail , free calls to USA, Canada and low cost calling to rest of the world using Gmail and such many communication channels, but now Google has opened its doors to make absolutely free unlimited phone calls from Google Plus Hangouts to USA/Canada phones from anywhere in the world।

The free calling also can be done to non Google plus users in US / Canada

call him for free from your Google+ Hangout and as he takes the voice call and replies, his voice will be heard in your Google+ Hangout group by anyone and they can equally listen in on the whole of the Hangout session, Thanks to the Google team know what a man need today! Initially this is for US, Canada but later may envelope whole of the world free phone calling.

VOIP providers Google hangout free calling never claims to make Emergency 911 calls
To make free phone calls in to US / Canada do this:
i- Click Invite at the top of the hangouts with extras window
ii- Click the Phone tab on the left of the window, and enter the phone number you wish to call
iii- Click Call now


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